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Santorini is one of the most famous islands in all of Greece and attracts huge numbers of visitors each year from all over the world. The island is one of the most photographed and has a stunning landscape unlike any other, with the enormous caldera and the amazing rock formations you will find around the coast. This is due to the huge volcanic explosion that took place thousands of years ago and which created the landscape of the island as we know it today.

Sailing in Santorini

Located in the southeast of the Cyclades, Santorini island has so much to offer with its rich history dating back thousands of years. The ancient site of Akrotiri is testament to the advanced civilization that lived here before the devastating volcanic eruption that took place over 3600 years ago and wiped out not only the civilization on Santorini but also that of the Minoan civilization in Crete.

The capital town of Fira is located in the middle of the island with some spectacular views stretching out over the caldera. The town has many winding paths and roads that you can follow taking you a remarkable journey where you can enjoy stunning views. You can take the cablecar down to the old harbour and enjoy a walk around there or a bite to eat. In Fira you will find a huge range of restaurants and cafe bars where you can eat or drink, as well as lots of accommodation.

The town of Oia in the north of the island is another popular destination for visitors to Santorini and here you can enjoy some magical sunsets. Oia is an exceptionally beautiful part of the island and is full of the whitewashed houses, blue domed churches and views over the caldera that can invigorate and inspire at the same time.

Along the south and east coast of the island are some beautiful beaches that are ideal for the hot summer days. You will find the White, Red and Black beaches, each of which is named after the colour of the sand and pebbles you will find on them. Like much on the island, these unique colours were the result of the volcanic eruption that shaped the entire island. The coastal resorts such as Kamari and Perissa are very popular destinations for visitors to the island and here you will find lots of accommodation as well as cafe bars and tavernas right next to the sea.

Santorini is a truly magical island and is one that everyone traveller to Greece should experience. It has something to offer everyone, and is an island that you can find yourself visiting year after year, discovering something new each time. In addition to the history and natural beauty, Santorini is also famous for it's delicious wines and cuisine. No visit to Santorini is complete with sampling some of the wine that is made here.

Being based in Santorini, we can offer you a great selection of sailing tours around the island. We can arrange sailing tours to the volcano, a sunset sailing tour, or simply a sail around the island. We can arrange a customised tour of Santorini should you wish. Simply get in contact with us and let us share with you the beauty and magic of the island we are proud to call home.

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